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COVID-19 hair and makeup procedures

For Wren Witting Makeup


During production:

  • Kn95 facemask and a surgical mask are worn at all times. A plastic face-shield is worn during makeup application and touch-ups

  • Whenever possible, makeup is applied with single-use disposables such as mascara wands, cotton-swabs, sponges, powder puffs etc which are disposed of after the application

  • When disposables are not possible, makeup is applied with cleaned and sanitized makeup brushes. Used brushes are placed in a clearly labeled plastic container with a lid for cleaning after wrap

  • No “double dipping”: makeup products are scraped from containers with a clean metal spatula and mixed on a metal palette—brushes DO NOT touch makeup products directly. Metal palette and spatula are cleaned with 70% alcohol between each use

  • Makeup palettes, brushes, and containers are kept closed or covered except while in use

  • Makeup station, chair, and high-touch surfaces are wiped down with 70% alcohol between every client

  • Touch-up brushes are stored in a single-use ziplock bag during the shoot

  • Thorough hand-washing (or hand sanitizer when washing isn’t available) between every client and touch up

  • Touch-ups only when necessary and social distancing practiced when possible


Between clients/Wrap Protocol:

  • All makeup brushes are washed with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds and then rinsed with 70% alcohol

  • Clean, dry brushes are placed in a clean ziplock bag for next use

  • Non-porous tools such as metal spatulas, combs, mixing palettes etc are soaked for 10 minutes in Barbicide disinfecting solution

  • Makeup cases (non-porous surfaces) are cleaned with disinfecting solution and 70% alcohol

  • Fabric makeup cases are washed with hot water and soap

  • Surgical mask, gloves, and face-mask are worn while cleaning

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